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What we offer:
This package includes a 3 hour on-site visit to discuss problem areas as well as resolution and completion of the project. After the initial assessment, the remaining time will be used to work on an organizing project. A detailed plan for the project is included (after the appointment) for the client to work independent of an organizer being on site. One hour of scheduled telephone consultation is also included and may be used in 15 minute increments at any time during the course of the project. An option to purchase three additional hours of on-site organizing at a discounted hourly rate is also included. This package is perfect for the do-it-yourself type who needs minimal coaching and motivating.


This package includes 9 hours of on-site visits. The initial visit is the same as the ALL ABOUT ORGANIZING package with additional appointments to complete the project(s.) A detailed plan for the project is included after the first visit to assist the client with project completion. Telephone consultation is optional depending on the scope of the project and may be billed separately. This package is great for completing your project(s) at a more rapid pace with a professional organizer at your side along with managing your organizing expenses. Package may be purchased repeatedly.


A PLACE TO START offers professional organizing hourly rates with a three hour minimum appointment. A nice option for those who would rather pay-as-they-go.


Are you ready to tackle your project on your own with step-by-step instructions for professionally organized results? Perhaps you live out of our travel area? You can now email your project picture(s) to A PLACE TO START and we will send you a customized, detailed organizing plan to walk you through the necessary steps to complete your project. This package includes 30 minutes of scheduled telephone consultation which may be used in two 15 minute increments at any time during the course of the project. Package price PER ROOM REVIEWED $75.00 
In addition to the above services, we offer assistance in donating and selling items that are ready to find a new home. These services are billed at the standard hourly rate or may be used in combination with any remaining, available package hours.
All clients of A PLACE TO START receive a courtesy follow up phone call after the initial appointment.
Please contact us for current package and hourly rates.
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