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"I moved for a new job and downsized my living space in the process. Lisa was an enormous help--especially as I packed my kitchen. She had clear guidelines that were not only practical but took emotional attachment into account; she knew what was important to me and created guidelines that matched. As I made my decisions of what to keep and what to donate, she was both a mix of professionalism and friendliness as she walked me through the process. Now every time I look at my new smaller pantry and cupboards, I think about Lisa and smile. Her services helped me let go of unnecessary items, which has made organizing my new space much easier."

Jacqueline Chapman, Springfield, MO

"I hired Lisa to organize my pantry/storage closet.  I was extremely pleased with the outcome!  She is a pleasure to work with – got right down to business and worked very efficiently.  We accomplished everything within a few short hours! Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the organizing business – has great ideas and suggestions.  Working with her gave me ideas of ways to organize other areas of my home.  I would highly recommend her and hope to use her again!"

Margie G – Wilmette, IL

"Lisa helped organized two rooms for me. She is excellent. She knows the right questions to ask to help you make decisions on what to do with all your stuff. She doesn't waste time but she will give you the time you need to make some of the tough decisions. She is a sweetheart and a joy to work with. Can't wait to do more rooms in my house with her."

"I was completely overwhelmed with clutter.  I would start one project, then another, then another without completing any of them.  Lisa not only helped me get my sanity back, but she did more than that.  After her help I had a lot more family time! Her mantra, “if it doesn’t have a home, it doesn’t belong here!”  Words of wisdom. Thank you Lisa!"

Deneen Hill – Wilmette, IL

Renee Kalis – Wilmette, IL

"Lisa is a terrific organizer and that's a lot coming from me because I have always prided myself on being well organized! But she introduced me to the plastic shelving units that one puts into the cabinet. She told me what sizes to get and off I went to the store. She very willingly came to our house after we had our kitchen remodeled and helped me put everything away . She not only told me where to put them but suggested I throw away some dishes that were chipped and in our possession for 41 years! That was hard and something I wouldn't have thought about on my own but such a wise decision. Lisa is very industrious, thorough, and smart! Give her a call."

Betsy Schweers – Glenview, IL

"Every input you've given me over the years has trained me how to simplify my life. I only wish I had known you 20 years ago."

Jennifer Reis– Glenview, IL

"A PLACE TO START helped me organize the house I was renting so that it would be appealing to prospective renters at the end of my lease. There were little things they showed me that I never would have thought of and these touches made such a big difference in how the place looked! I would definitely recommend their services and expertise to others."

Dr. Caryl Buonopane – Northbrook, IL

"Whitney helped organize my home from top to bottom and did a great job! She made my closets beautiful, my kitchen functional and even got my files in order. She was pleasant to work with and made the organizing process simple and painless!"

Monica P. – Chicago, IL

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