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What exactly does that mean?


After reviewing your situation over the telephone, we will schedule an appointment for a predetermined amount of time.  Plan to spend a few hours (or more if needed) with us.  When we arrive, be prepared to show us what is bothering you, the thorn in your side, the area you want to hide when company comes over... we won’t judge.  We’ve seen it all.  With a game plan, dedication and hard work, every project is manageable.  We’ll talk and take pictures and you’ll share what doesn’t work and what does work.  We’ll form a plan, suggest how to tackle the project, recommend tools (containers) to use and purchase if needed, and guide you on how to get professionally organized spaces without having to meet with us every single time.

   "  Give a person a fish, they eat for a day.  

                                                              Teach a person to fish, they eat for a lifetime.  "




Are you the type of person who is successful at finishing most things that you start?

Perhaps you have wanted to hire a professional organizer but the timing or budget just wasn’t right? 

Would you like a more personal service than reading "how to" articles on the internet?

It sounds like I'm doing all of the work?


You will be doing most of the footwork after the initial appointment and we will be guiding you after we’ve worked up a plan.  We give you the recipe and the ingredients, so to speak, and you put it together for the end result.  After the initial meeting, we are available by telephone or personal appointment for ongoing support.

What type of organizing is this?
We’re not your typical professional organizers.  We can be if that’s what you want. We’re good at it.  However, we believe that with some guidance and consultation, you can tackle your organizing project and still get professional results!  In the end, this will both save you money and teach you how to STAY organized.
What will this cost me?
We believe everyone deserves choices. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR YOUR CURRENT OPTIONS
How does this save money?


Most professional organizers have an hourly rate.  Most organizing jobs take several hours, days and sometimes months and years.  That can really add up.  Our ALL ABOUT ORGANIZING! system allows you to determine how much time you want to invest without having a billable rate every time you are organizing. 


If you prefer to work with your professional organizer in the traditional way, we are happy to help.  Be sure to ask what our standard rate is for hourly organizing.

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